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When you chat with a web-cam on, the cost of the chat is doubled.

Please, note, that if you chat simultaneously with several girls, every chat is considered a separate chat and you pay separately for each chat.

For example, if your on-line chat lasted 30 seconds, you are charged for the full minute of chat.

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The first minute of chat costs 0,10 POINTs, every further second costs 0,0016 POINTs.

For example, your chat lasted 3 minutes and 19 seconds, it will cost you 0,32 POINTs.

To use On-line chat please first login to our site using your username and password.

If you don’t have one, you can register on our site absolutely free.

For example, if you chatted with lady ID:12345 and lady ID:54321 at the same time, and each chat lasted 5 minutes, you will be charged 0,5 POINTs for chat with lady ID:12345 and 0,5 POINTs with lady ID:54321, total 1 POINT.

It’s true that to make a wish come true one has to dream about it and believe this is going to happen.People all over the world know that the most charming women live in Russia and Ukraine.They always strive to maintain their natural beauty and look their best, and any man would be proud to be accompanied by a Russian girl.If a lady has a web-cam enabled you can view video stream of the lady in the real time; there will be a link "Video On" in the chat window.You are charged per each second of your on-line chat but not less than for 1 minute.The lady will receive an invitation from you and a chat window will open for you.

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