Updating an old mac updating opengl drivers

With the 2014 refresh, fans were disappointed as Apple ceased offering a quad-core processor option and support for dual hard drives, features that have not returned.

At this point, it's not clear if and when Apple will introduce a new version of the Mac mini.

Aside from a single rumor from hinting at a new high-end Mac mini with a redesign that "won't be so mini anymore," we've heard no details at all about work on a possible Mac mini refresh.

Prior to the 2014 refresh, the Mac mini was updated in 2006, 2007, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, so it's never before gone three years sans update.

Many Apple customers are eagerly awaiting a new Mac mini, including businesses that rely on the machine, like Brian Stucki's Mac Stadium.

Today marks the third anniversary of the last update of the Mac mini, Apple's most affordable and compact desktop computer.

The Mac mini was refreshed on October 16, 2014, and since then, the machine has seen no additional updates.

Thermally everything should be the same, and chances are good that battery life would also be unaffected.

Changing things like the shell is a different matter, and involves more engineering and testing, but for a company with the resources that Apple has, even this isn't a huge deal.Apple told Quartz yesterday that it was aware of the problem, and today, the company has issued a patch to its software that allegedly fixes the vulnerability, as 9to5Mac first spotted.Anyone running mac OS High Sierra version 10.13.1 should update their software as soon as they can through the Mac App Store.When Apple announced plans for a modular Mac Pro, Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said the Mac mini "is an important product" in the company's lineup, suggesting Apple doesn't have plans to abandon the machine.He declined to offer up any information on a potential refresh, though.Other than the Mac Book -- which, at the time of writing was updated 108 days ago -- every Mac feels older than dirt, and has a "don't buy" rating. Apple doesn't work for tech pundits or bloggers who draw up buyer's guides, or geeks who care about hardware specs (and I count myself as one of those).

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