Updating fafsa

We advise that you submit your FAFSA before the February 15 priority date.

Once married, you can change your marital status on the FAFSA and retain your priority status.

The FAFSA is a “snapshot” of your status on the day you submit it.

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If you want to make more corrections, you will need to wait until after you receive the new SAR.

If you correct an error on your FAFSA (other than through the IRS Data Retrieval Tool) your FAFSA is more likely to be selected for verification.

Here are some of the things you can update: Your college financial aid administrator can makes adjustments for students with special circumstances.

If things have changed since you submitted your FAFSA, ask for a review and provide any requested documents.

If you’re a dependent student who will marry after submitting the FAFSA, you can update your marital status on FAFSA to better reflect your ability to pay.

Background on Federal Policy Instructions for Dependent FAFSA Applicants Getting Married What to Expect After You Update Your FAFSAProcessing Timeframes Verification of FAFSA Applications Calculate your EFC Name changes: We recommend that you not change your name on the FAFSA yet (if you have legally changed your name) unless you have a Social Security card in your possession that has your new name on it.

There are three ways to make a correction on your FAFSA: online, by mail, and by phone.

You can make corrections at any time before or during the award year.

All recently married FAFSA applicants (changing from dependent to independent) will receive a Bronco Mail email message with the results of the FAFSA review.

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