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File storage service Google Drive is ending support for its desktop apps in March.But what exactly is changing, what will happen to your data, and most important, what do you need to do to get ready? Here's a rundown of Google's plans for its cloud-storage service, and how you should prepare for them.

Similarly, the mobile apps for Android and i OS will look just the same.

If you rely on apps that plug into Google Drive or use it for cloud storage, then these should carry on working fine too.

What's changing are the applications for accessing Drive through a computer desktop, be it Windows or mac OS.

Google's Drive changes are limited to its clients for Windows and mac OS, apps that are also called Google Drive.

So if you primarily employ Google Drive to write essays in your browser, then you don't really need these desktop clients.

But if you rely on Drive to back up all your music, movies, and other files, then the applications make uploading and downloading files much more straightforward.There’s Backup and Sync, the all-encompassing consumer app that replaces both the standalone Google Drive and Google Photos Uploader apps.It offers essentially the same functionality as Drive and works much the same way.After you've finished the installation, double-check that the app is syncing the folders you want it to.If you've never tried putting any kind of Google Drive software on your computer, give it a go: The new tool will automatically sync folders of your choice up to the web, as long as you have enough cloud storage space for them.Previously, Drive and Photos had separate desktop apps for syncing.

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