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AFTER: A new dry stream will help funnel water off the driveway and around to the side of the house. AFTER: New porch decor, gleaned from elsewhere in the garden Now if we could just get a good, long rain to test out the drainage pattern and deliver some relief to the parched garden. I'm Pam Penick, a dirt-under-my-nails, hoping-for-rain, spiky-plant lover gardening under the Death Star in Austin, Texas (zone 8b).

Plus the elevation change just felt wrong: you walked to reach the door. AFTER: For the new walk, I envisioned floating concrete pads for a more-contemporary look.

Poured in place, they span the sloping space between driveway and house, eliminating the downward ramp and allowing just one step up to reach the porch.

BEFORE: I removed the ‘Will Fleming’ yaupons but transplanted the remaining foundation plants to other places in my garden. For those interested in the other materials: the wood is stained cedar, the roof is bronze standing-seam metal, and the concrete pads have a mirror finish.

I obtained design help from Robert Mc Kay, and the builder was Archadeck of Austin.

Run the following command in your shell: On a Windows machine using Pu TTY, navigate to the Registry folder as shown in method two above. Right click on the one you need to remove, and then select ‘Delete’.

After 3-1/2 years of dreaming and planning and 3 months of sporadic construction, the front of my house has a fresh, more contemporary look thanks to a small but detailed remodeling project—adding a gable roof to the front porch—and new landscaping.

The plants on the left include ‘Jaws’ agave in the low planter, toothless sotol (), and ‘Alphonse Karr’ bamboo planted in the ground.

I will probably add a few softening Mexican feathergrass behind the agave this fall.

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