Updating macbook memory karan wahi dating shweta gulati

Partially this is because of inefficiency, and partially its because Chrome’s priority is speed.Either way, I’ve personally heard way more of my fan while using Chrome than while not.

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Battery life has been a huge feature for Apple in recent releases of OS X.

Mavericks brought energy impact measuring tools to the operating system It’s been said a thousand times, but it’s worth saying again: if battery life is important to you, avoid using Chrome.

And you don’t have to take my word for it: open up the Activity Monitor on your Mac, then head to the “Energy” section.

Open some tabs in Chrome and the same ones in another browser – Chrome will almost always use more energy for the same job.

Even on 4-year-old Mac Books, replacing Chrome with Safari can give you an extra hour of battery life in some cases.

Google is reportedly working on the issue, and has made progress, but the job is far from finished.Oh, and the notifications for Hangouts: they don’t integrate with the OS X notification center. Mountain Lion came out in 2012, not that long ago, but if you’re still using that operating system Chrome updates are being cut off.Google announced the change back in November, in case you missed it.They also don’t show up in the system-wide notification system, so you can’t reference them later there. Most Mac apps close instantly when you hit CMD-Q; Chrome makes you hold the combo for a while.Most Mac apps have their own preferences window; Chrome uses a website in a tab for that.It’s a related point, I realize, but it’s worth stating: Chrome uses a lot of CPU power.

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