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Thomas's Aunt's, Cousins, and his mother's friends all took turns giving Thomas an affectionate kiss on the cheek, and an equally affectionate caress of his bottom or gentle cupping of his testes along with a compliment or other word of congratulation.

Jane had then taken over bar-duty, refreshing the ladies' wine glasses as she became the center of her guests' attention once more as she basked in their congratulations of having raised such a worthy young man.

"Yes, dear, almost there," said the proud mother, "you're being such a good boy..I want you to spurt your semen for all of us, sweetheart..for mommy..for mommy..." At that moment, Thomas's oldest sister Karen stepped up to his other side and held a glass bowl in front of his penis so as to catch his semen when he ejaculated, leaving about eight inches of space so that all the ladies would have a clear view of each spurt as it launched out of his darkly-swollen pink head. Jane's hand kept up a steady long stroke, working her son's penis without pause to wring every last drop of semen from his body.

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Once they had all arrived, he circulated in the room with a tray of crackers and brie, and refilling wine glasses until his mother told him it was time.

Like a good boy, he stood in the center of the room, took a deep breath as he was blushing profusely, and lowered his little sheer pouch letting it fall to the floor and stepping out of it.

Jane kept at it, sometimes having to work three or four strokes until she could express another drop from her son's spent and softening penis.

She wanted to make this milking very complete and thorough so that her son wouldn't be too 'drippy' once they finished.

"Yes, honey," said Jane as she slid her dainty hand up to focus short strokes against the ridge of his corona to maximize the stimulation of her son's penis, "come for mommy..for mommy..for mommy..." Thomas's body stiffened and he gasped, and then a perfect pearlescent rope of semen thrust forth from the boy's stiff and straining young penis to splash into the bowl as the silent crowd of mature women burst into cheers and applause. "Oooh, that's so nice Tommy, you're making such a big cum in the bowl, I'm proud of you honey." After a few more moments, Thomas's body relaxed and Jane then slowed her strokes, but she continued to milk his penis from root-to-tip, forcing little pulses and dribbles of semen to add themselves to the already-respectable contents of the bowl.

"Let's make sure we get every drop, honey," said his mother Jane, "just like always..." "Yes, Ma'am," the boy whispered.

She had said, "I'm glad you can all be here for Thomas's unveiling party.

I know a few of you are family and have supervised my sweet boy in the past, but tonight he is 18 and we will all share the experience of his first fully-public ejaculation." There was light applause, and a few comments of encouragement for the boy, who smiled in response.

His legs began to twitch and his breathing became shallow in response to her experienced hand.

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