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The present recycling rate of 34% needs to be increased.

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The more responsibility taken at lower levels in the recycling chain, the better the national outcome will be.

Consumer interest is a great way to get recycling programs started in communities.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2013 fact sheet takes into account the MSW statistics each year when computing national recycling figures. 4) includes common household throw-away items such as food scraps, package wrapping, grass clippings and even bigger items like an old microwave, sofa, or refrigerator.

In relation to recycling statistics, MSW does not include items such as hazardous, industrial, or construction waste. 2 and 3) notes that along with sustained improvements in waste reduction, the overall bulk of the nation's MSW production has decreased between 2000 to 2013.

Batteries are not allowed to be dumped as many contain toxic metals like cadmium, mercury, lead or nickel.

Ninety-nine percent of lead-acid batteries are recycled according to EPA fact sheet (p. Dry cell batteries used in many electronics also have to be recycled through store or community recycling facilities.

New recycling bins popping up around communities is due to the increased focus on "going green" across America.

The United States recycling statistics have vastly improved each year since the first United States recycling recovery center opened its doors in the 1890s.

8), iron accounted for 17.55 MT (or 6.9% of total waste), aluminium 3.5 MT (or 1.4%) and other metals for two MT (or 0.8%).

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