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Roller Stop Roller Rink Suitable for ages four and up, the roller rink on Middlesex Street is the ideal spot for children and teenagers to work up a sweat and burn themselves out, all while the adults enjoy a well-deserved break.Loud music encourages all of those with skates on to move to the beat, regardless of whether they are beginners or experienced pros.

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Make a keepsake box of things that remind you of your loved one.

Continue to work towards a cause your loved one was involved with.

In the spring and summer months, the gardens are a beautiful spot for a family picnic and a spot of outside play.

The gardens also feature a playground that is suitable for children aged between three and 10 years of age.

If so, then the Glasgow Science Centre is the perfect destination to take your children.

Full of interesting and exciting exhibitions, there is something for everyone to enjoy.That means that if you are ever looking to attend a game at what was once the biggest football stadium in the world, there will be more than enough spare seats going.Glasgow Science Centre Looking for somewhere fun and educational?I’ll be honest, I really had no idea of what to expect. My thoughts are that my readers are mature enough to judge of the good and the bad. Zip-ties and Mai-Tais: you get zip tied to a girl and share mai-tais 4. Great time for college age kids to relive their youth. This means that they are essentially each other’s date/partner for the night. Barn Dance – In Iowa City, we have a place called Wildwood which is a western type of restaurant/bar/venue that has a mechanical bull and a big dance floor. Dinner & Drinks – We have to fulfill requirements for non-alch socials on campus, so often times we will go out to eat at a fancy place and then host a party afterwards. Then we came up with categories and trivia questions. This reminded me of a joke by David Stollman at the Association of Fraternal Leaders and Values Conference in Indianapolis this past February. I am happy to report that I received a ton of great ideas, and a few duds. Also, I sometimes get my best ideas from being exposed to bad ones. Go to a baseball game: professional or university game 5. Scavenger hunts around campus or neighborhood: great way to lower inhibitions without drinking 7. people tend to be less awkward when they are doing stuff with there hands 8. We all get dressed up in a western style boots/jeans/flannels/cowboy hats and go out to the place. We’ve gone to sushi places before which has worked really well. Date parties/semi-formals – A lot of people like date parties, it allows them to bring their own date. winning team got a gift card for each team member. So we’ve had two mixers in the past that have turned out to be a huge hit. In a personal shout out to my fraternity (Farm House Fraternity) he joked about some of the themes of our socials. Clearly we advocate for finding constructive ways to acknowledge and cope with tough days; although I will totally support you in ignoring them if you so choose. Some will want to fully feel the sadness and emotion of the day (what I like to call ‘wallowing with a purpose’), some will want to stay positive, some will want to do a quick and casual acknowledgement, and some will want to spend the entire day focused on the deceased.

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