Validating an xml document using dtd in asp net

are specified in the IATA (International Air Transport Association) publication Standard Schedules Information Manual (SSIM) under the section "ATA/IATA Aircraft Types". It contains product information of a subcontracting component, such as buyer product ID, supplier product ID, standard product ID, internal product ID, and so on. The information provided gives a snapshot of the component inventory and forecast situation at a certain point in time. It contains a sequential number that is assigned when changes are made to component. The usage of this attribute is optional in most cases and must be defined by the trading partmers involved in the transaction.The referenced codes cover all aircraft that are flown, or are soon to be flown, for commercial scheduled or chartered services only, or have been announced by the manufacturer and for which airline orders have been placed. It contains a message sent from a logistics provider to an interested party (for example, the party requesting the transport), containing updates on the process for a transportation request. It represents the contractual maximum quantity per release of a contract. It represents the contractual minimum quantity per release of a contract. Procurement software might use this date in reconciling an invoice against a blanket order or contract.The quantity of stock to post as unrestricted stock.

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The invoice item can then be matched up uniquely with the goods receipt item.

Goods-receipt-based invoice verification makes sense when you expect a delivery to be made and posted in several parts. Typically lists the UNSPSC (United Nations Standard Products and Services Code) commodity code for each selected item.

In different EU member states, different VAT rates are allowed. It transmits component inventory, consignment movement, and forecast information from the buyer's ERP system. It consists of the property and its associated values.

The tax rate type makes it easy for the back-end system to handle different rates that result from changes in tax law. The buyer-provided inventory summary view includes the components issued to the supplier. The reference date for the blanket order or contract item.

This limit represents a budget for unplanned services, and it must not be exceeded.

This limit can be used in service lines and the items of blanket purchase orders.

Priority indicator, used to drive the priority of the orders for the suppliers.

Indicates the current build priority associated with the PO line item. The buyer's ERP system determines the subcontracting type based on the material provision indicator determined to support the regular subcontracting refurbishments or replacements scenarios. It contains the maximum value that the total of all unplanned services (or the value of the material) covered by this item may not exceed.

It represents the posting of stock quantities from an inspection lotwithinthe Quality Management module.

An inspection lotis a formal request to examine a specific quantity of materials at a plant.

Duration that a product is expected to remain within its approved product specification after production date.

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