Vergin dating

Each hour long episode explores four different v-card-carrying cast members from all walks of life.Some of them are hanging on to their virginity and others are desperately trying to lose it.

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The best thing to remember is that being a twentysomething virgin is 100% fine.

It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, which I know sounds hard to believe, but it’s honestly not.

After a lot of prayer and discussion, I came to the conclusion that I was willing and able to move forward in the relationship.

Here are a few questions I considered before I made that decision: I realized that Christ had forgiven me of .

Growing up, I imagined I would marry someone who had a similar past to my own. I may marry a guy who grew up very differently than me but still loves Jesus and would make a great husband. I don’t have to marry someone with a story just like mine.

While sin certainly has an impact, we decided this sin would not be an insurmountable obstacle if we decided to marry.

If they ask you directly: ‘Have you slept with anyone? If they don’t go for something so direct and ask about who you’ve dated instead, answer the question and then go on to talk about how far you’ve gone in terms of experience.

This way it follows a natural flow of conversation and is a lot less random and awkward.

When the moment comes, the best thing you can do is be honest. Once the words have left your mouth, the bit you’ve been terrified about comes next – how they react.

Chances are they’ll be totally cool with it and potentially just a little surprised that you’re a virgin, which is the reaction you’d want.

I’m so thankful God’s grace is able to cover our sins and often shield us from sin’s painful repercussions.

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