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There are currently over 9,200 locations worldwide. The company operates as two divisions: Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud. o HG Worldwide Headquarters Eckenbergstrasse 16 Essen, 45307 DEU Phone: 49-201-8593-0 Fax: 49-201-8593-319 Tagged as: aldi corporate address, aldi corporate headquarters, aldi corporate office, aldi corporate office address, aldi corporate office email, aldi corporate office fax, aldi corporate office phone, aldi headquarters, aldi main office, aldi us corporate office I have been shopping at the Kilburn Aldi since it first opened.

I have been told that you will no longer have any wheelie baskets, which will most certainly lose you a lot of shoppers, myself included.

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It’s poor management from the highest levels down to the miserable little man avoiding you in any Aldis in any city take your pick.

The one thing that they have going for them are the prices and that is a huge thing for most shoppers, I suppose they think that there is no reason to be pleasant or well stocked or even remotely helpful because everyone wants to save money so we’ll keep coming back.

Reply Dear CEO and Hiring and Operations Managers, I have been trying to have an interview for employment at ALDI since I moved to Daytona Beach in August of 2014. I’ve had a few bad experiences at that location but mostly good.

I first dropped off my resume, cover letter and Aldi application to the location where I regularly shop, 812 N. Last week I went to 2 Aldi hiring recruitment events at 137 Auto Mall Circle, Daytona Beach, FL 32124. My first meeting, April 17th am, was with Teddy and that was good and he was the “face of ALDI” as I like to see and experience.

You use to sell them at all Aldi’s but now there are none. The only fresh Organic vegetables/Fruits are, Bananas, by a huge familiar corporation, which I somehow doubt, buys from an organic Farm, I simply dont believe it. The price signs are missing, are are thrown in the freezer chests. I suggest you have some who is the head of your district come down to the Riverhead store. Not someone you have to look for and is rude to customers.! Reply hi, i recently went to a hiring event in pittsburgh Pa.

There are a FEW organic products, by your SIMPLY NATURE, but NOWHERE , does it say- NON GMO. now i would like to know what a GED or a high school diploma has anything to do with my work performance ? i raised three children worked a full time job and helped my husband run our business without a GED or diploma.

We are in great need of a grocery store in our community. We had a Safeway for many years, also a Burrus for many years same location. I know ALDI would do well here because your type of store is what many in River Oaks is looking for. Reply Greetings, I visited an Aldi in Providence, RI. Thanks, Eric Reply I am sending you this email do not know if it’ll do any good or not but I did quit the store in Lexington really not by choice I was told that it was in the best interest that I not go to another store I just had a year-and-a-half left so I can retire the DM in that store did not seem to care about what I had to say she only listen to the training district manager and a shift manager that I was rude and disrespectful and the store manager didn’t care either all I was told was they wanted to get rid of all of the old people to put new people in the store they didn’t care about the customer service that their image was more important then a customer I disagree I didn’t play by the rules and I left the store after almost 16 years of working never being late always worked when I was asked and I lost it all and rumors are being spread about me in the Lexington North Carolina and the Thomasville North Carolina store by the store manager I do not appreciate it my family does not appreciate it and needed to my friends so we’ve all decided that we will not shop at your store again that we can all go to another store with better customer service I enjoyed my job but I don’t enjoy being lied about if this is a way that you run a store and a business I don’t want no part of it and neither does my friends are my family and I’ll let the rest of my friends know as I go along also as for my customers they did not like the fact that I was leaving actually I was told to leave in a roundabout way that I needed to leave so if anyone ask about working for Aldi’s I would not recommend it I hope maybe you can train the managers to be more customer-friendly and more employee-friendly and treat people with respect Reply Have been missing the parmesan chips, I am low carb and no sugaring now for over a year and these chips are great and dont break the bank.

Then we got Super Save same location they didn’t do well their prices were high and quality was low. Really enjoyed my shopping experience and was amazed at the discount! I would be interested in shopping online or by email. Hope they return soon along with anything low carb you distribute. When I went to EXCHANGE them your safe and healthy ones, I was told by by the store manager that she would would this time, but not again, but never again, because this was the second time I was returning food that spoiled before its expiration date. I had to find the manager to ask what happened to all the produce.

Please communicate with your employees on this subject. Reply I shop at the Aldi store #12 in Warner Robins, GA.

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