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Many characters from Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator have become so popular that they have already inspired fan pages, fan art and fan fiction all across the community.

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Meet the voice actors and actresses behind Dream Daddy’s beloved cast.

Many are You Tube stars while others have explored the voice acting world before by stepping into popular anime series like Attack on Titan.

If you ever watched the animated series X-Ray and Vav, you’ll recognize his voice as X-Ray.

And that’s all of the voice actors of Dream Daddy’s cast.

The show also featured a touching performance by another group of special guests - a choir from a struggling inner city performing school that the show helped completely re-equip for their music program.

Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator is an indie comedic visual novel developed and published digitally (on Steam) by Game Grumps for the PC and Mac on July 20, 2017.

'You know what, Beatrice I liked you from the beginning but I think that this is all getting too much to you,' he told the teen who was wearing punk-style tartan trousers with chains hanging off them and a large baseball cap with Popular written on it.

Wearing a dress to look like cut-down denims and a waistcoat and with knee-high black socks, Cher was joined by Becky G - in black leggings and a gold top - as well as a team of backing dancers for the high-energy performance.

No one has figured out how to unlock this ending, and the creators are keeping things mysterious when questioned on this ending.

Overall, this game is fantastic and has its little quirks that makes it stand out from the rest of dating simulators.

If you think you'll be into this by reading this article or just by the fact that the dads in this game are HOT, I say you should definitely buy this game!

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