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” I think we’re all waiting for that, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with us being loud about it, us being loud that we are Asian American.

I think it’s definitely important that that is happening.

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It’s tough, and I’ve talked about this in a lot of these interviews when they talk about the Asian-American thing is that — well, it’s funny; I don’t even think there is even an Asian on “Glee” anymore this season, but when Harry Shum was on “Glee,” nobody knew his name.

They just knew him as “the Asian on ‘Glee.’” We’re still just waiting for the day when we can be like, “Man, remember that kid on ‘Glee’ who was a super good breakdancer who eventually became awesome at singing because he had more parts and stuff, and he was given a chance to be in the spotlight?

Gabe Bondoc had many girls hyperventilating in the audience, but one special member in the audience made a guest appearance…RAMIELE MALUBAY (American Idol contestant and National Anthem singer for the Paquiao fight in Vegas!

Will you watch Gagambino in case Dennis will play the role?

The fact that she supports what I’m doing is like the best thing to have, and if she approves of that, I think you are on your way to success from there, to have your parents’ approval and things like that.

My dad passed away when I was 10, and he was a musician not making a lot of money for the family.

Flanagan High School and is currently a nursing student at Broward College.

Malubay also mentioned during her pre-performance video interview for Top 11 week that she had formed close bonds with fifth place finalist Brooke White and eventual winner David Cook.

He was telling my mom that he didn’t want us to be musicians because of the struggle that he was having, but the fact that You Tube and the Internet and partnership and things like that, revenue-sharing and things like that, we can make music a career, and the fact that that is possible and that I can carry on my dad’s legacy to having a stable career is success to me.

And of course having my whole family and just being happy I think.

I was talking to some people at Berklee College of Music — I went to go visit again when I was in Boston — we were talking about the scene, I was talking about the whole Asian-American thing, and back in the day, it took a lot for the gay community to be on TV.

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