Who is george clooney dating dec 2016

Those who carefully choose their spouses and delay starting a family until they have chosen one, tend to stay married.

Of course, these trends may fade to meaninglessness in the blinding glare of living in the public eye, which, if the reality shows are to be believed, is not very easy on newlyweds.

This is in contrast to many families which are founded out of convenience or lack of choice.

“The less privileged …are drifting into relationships they did not plan and frequently cannot maintain,” writes Sawhill.

Some of his notable movies include Batman and Robin, Out of Sight, O Brother Where Art Thou, and Ocean's Eleven.

Amal and George Clooney are expecting twins, according to European news reports about the Oscar-winning actor-producer from Northern Kentucky and the human rights lawyer.

But be warned, ye Cassandras, Clooney and Alamuddin have gone about getting married in the way that sociologists say leads to a lower likelihood of divorce.

Here’s why, with help from economist and Brookings Institute egghead Isabel Sawhill’s new book 1) They’re Old. That’s higher than the average age people get married (for men it’s 29, and women it’s 27, although this is Clooney’s second marriage.) There’s a pretty strong correlation between the age at which you get married and the likelihood that your marriage survives, says Sawhill. The average age at which women get married is now than the average age at which women have their first baby, notes Sawhill.

ABC's "Good Morning America" repeated that information Thursday morning. George, 55, and Amal, 39, married in Italy in September 2014.

Speculation about Amal's pregnancy was sparked in early January by photos of her "sporting a little bump" in an "uncharacteristic loose dress" at a Netflix screening in London.

The Times of London and Agence France-Presse attribute the news to an unnamed family friend.

"She's pregnant with twins," the friend said, according to the Paris-based Agence France-Presse.

The Beyonce and Jay-Z rumor mill churns so hard, it could crush diamonds.

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