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"[I have] so much respect for the girls and it mattered to me what they said, a lot." WATCH: Kurt Russell and Kate Hudson Bring Goldie Hawn to Tears During Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony Hawn and Russell began dating in 1983 while shooting their romantic WWII period drama , and have been together ever since, yet have famously never married.

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According to Us Weekly, the comedian is dating Chef Chris Fischer.

The couple was spotted enjoying a romantic dinner date at Café Altro Paradiso in NYC on Nov.

If I needed to indicate which one, I simply added their last name. When my first grandson arrived, that is the way I referred to my self to the baby as well as to others.

When he first started talking, he was calling his mother mommy and calling me the same thing. It sounded so sweet that I was thrilled he had found his own name for me. His two year old brother calls me Grand; time will tell if he ever adds the mommy.

"No, you really try and be better and better." WATCH: Goldie Hawn Gushes Over Kurt Russell at 'GOTG 2' Premiere: 'I'm Always Proud of Him'ET caught up with Russell and Hawn on Tuesday at the premiere of the actress' upcoming comedy,, where they opened up about the exciting ceremony, sharing, "We're [getting] our stars together and it's kind of a celebration of the two of us!

"Check out the video below to hear more from the super sweet couple.

“What we’re dealing now with Fox and these men—excuse me, is this really 2017 and we’re still doing this? “A few men exposed themselves to me in the elevator in the ’60s. ” “A lot of women just took it,” she recalled the attitude during that time. I wanted Kurt to see the house because I was redoing it. Keep in mind that performing has always been what I’ve done all my life, so when I was working with children and creating this educational program (Mind UP) for them, it was another approach to what I’ve done all my adult life—creating product. I got focused very much on Mind UP, my children’s charity.

“Most did, and you do that thing which is like, ‘Ugh ugh! But we had a different level of resilience about seeing a guy opening up his trench coat.” She quipped, “Wow (laughs), good morning! Then, we sat on the stairs, and I said, “What will we do if we really lived here? You have to learn how to work your way through an argument, be skillful about it and resolve it. We’re now in nine countries, so I’m excited about where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn were honored with a special double Walk of Fame star ceremony in Hollywood on Thursday, and the joyous occasion ended up being a wonderfully emotional experience for the longtime loves.

After the festivities, the cute couple spoke with ET's Nischelle Turner, and reflected on the grand occasion, which saw their daughter, Kate Hudson, and actress Reese Witherspoon deliver touching speeches that made Hawn cry."It was tears of joy," Hawn explained.

” Excerpts from our talk: Do you still remember the moment you saw Kurt for the first time? He’s awfully good-looking, but he never had that air of being cool. He’d been up all night with his dad, and he was tired. ” He said, “We’d probably go down and get cookies and milk.” I said, “What kind of cookies? ” He went, “Maybe chocolate chip.” And that was the beginning. Both people need to want to be there (in the relationship). That, to me, will be the way of igniting a new flame. I never retired, but I did redirect my focus to what I thought was important. Oh my God, I did amazing things and traveled to amazing places.

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