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"That's the problem with vacations," Musk told Fortune years later about his ill-fated trip in late 2000.But things worked out for Musk — he made another windfall when e Bay bought Pay Pal in late 2002.

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But he finished his studies at the University of Pennsylvania, taking home degrees in physics and economics.

While studying at the University of Pennsylvania, Musk and a classmate rented out a 10-bedroom frat house and turned it into a nightclub. Shin/Wiki Commons) After graduation, Musk traveled to Stanford University to study for his Ph D — but he barely started the program before leaving it.

The bullies threw Musk down a set of stairs and beat him until he blacked out, according to Ashlee Vance in his book "Elon Musk: Tesla, Space X, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future." After graduating from high school, Musk moved to Canada and spent two years studying at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario.

Musk moved to Canada with his mother Maye, his sister Tosca, and his brother Kimbal.

Pay Pal cofounder and then-CTO Max Levchin pushed back, hard.

While Musk was en route to Australia for a much-needed vacation, Pay Pal's board fired him and made Thiel the new CEO.

The all-electric Roadster launched in 2006, when Musk was serving as Tesla's chairman. As if that wasn't enough, Musk came up with the idea for Solar City, a solar energy company.

Musk gave his cousins Peter and Lyndon Rive the working capital to get Solar City off the ground in 2006. With Eberhard as CEO, Tesla was burning way more cash than it was taking in.

The move, which Musk undertook with Adeo Ressi, was one of his first entrepreneurial experiments. University of Pennsylvania Founded by Benjamin Franklin, who advocated focusing on a practical education for commerce and public service just as highly as the classics and theology, it now offers a broad range of courses. He deferred his admission after only two days in California, deciding to test his luck in the dot-com boom that was just getting underway.

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