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You have to come out the other side and I waited for that and I watched television. We get British television in America because I have Apple TV.’‘He always got me through everything,’ he says of the man who’s been a lifelong friend.

Downton Abbey – that got me through it, and Ray Donovan and Billionaire. ‘I met him for the first time at the Saville Theatre in 1967.

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It’s an enormous effort to go on tour without that momentum and I want that momentum.’ Is it harder to go out on stage when he’s been used to his brothers standing beside him? I’m still useless to everybody till 2pm and then I get sharp and I start to look forward to what’s on TV that evening.

‘It’s not hard if your eldest son is standing next to you.

dans le quartier de Harlem à New York, est une pianiste, chanteuse, auteure-compositrice-interprète, actrice et productrice américaine.

Elle grandit dans le secteur de Hell's Kitchen, dans le quartier de Manhattan à New York, et reçoit, dès l’âge de 7 ans, une formation de musique classique.

‘Yes, there was a half-day when we wrote Too Much Heaven, Tragedy and Shadow Dancing and a couple of other songs in one afternoon. Perhaps that was made up because it’s a funny line.’There are 12 songs on the new album and three bonus tracks. Star Crossed Lovers is written for [his wife] Linda.’ They met at a taping of Top Of The Pops in London when she was the reigning Miss Edinburgh.‘When we first met our manager didn’t want me to have a girlfriend so she always had to stay at home. Everyone was against it but that made her stronger and we’re still together 49 years later.’After the high of Glastonbury, is he up for another tilt at the summit, this time without his brothers? While there was no conscious decision to stop, there was no decision to write a new album while Robin was alive either. ‘The feeling is I am reintroducing myself as an individual.’ When he did Guilty with Streisand, a huge hit in 1980, he was an individual, not a Bee Gee. We won best duet at the Grammys and my brothers never mentioned it. If I would ever say we won this many Grammys they would always go one less saying “No, no, it was this many.”’Is there a vault of unreleased Bee Gees songs? Let’s put it on.” In the eyes of the record company the more songs you give them the better deal it is for them, but I don’t feel it was necessary.’Does he see the Bee Gees’ influence in any of the current music-makers? He was there but hiding behind a speaker so we never met.’ Hiding behind a speaker? ‘Although I have always associated myself with a lion,’ he says rather proudly.

‘Daddy’s Little Girl is one of them and that’s written for my daughter Ali. ‘I’ll happily hit the road if this album means something. ‘I always felt that I used to hear it with Prince and Michael Jackson. A lot of people have told me that I made a difference to them, and I’d like to keep doing it for as long as I possibly can.’This year there’s been a pop icon death overload. ‘In South Africa I bought a walking cane with a silver lion’s head on it so if there’s ever a time when I can’t walk I’ll be able to be helped by the lion and it’ll still be a lion walking.’Although he’s known pretty well at his local Indian, he says restaurants are rare for him. I don’t rise early and I don’t get going till about noon. At the moment I’m reading a book about the French Revolution, another about the conscious mind and I’m obsessed with Egyptology.

‘After Rob died I just sat moping around thinking that was the end of it and I would just fade away.

I thought I was quite happy about fading away, but then the President of Columbia Records, Rob Stringer, came to see me and signed me and said: “We’re gonna move your ass!

‘Well, I don’t think it’s any different from any other brothers or sisters.’ A mix of competition and closeness? All of those things, and you have enormous arguments.

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