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This allows those with Christian values to connect to like-minded people from around the world.Here are 25 social media sites for Christians: You can also connect with others socially through online dating sites.She found that many of the owners appeared to be quite “normal” and do not suffer from some psychological or pathological ailments.“Although this phenomenon is unusual it is not blatantly pathological.

However, if advancements like Yamaha Vocaloid are any indication (see the video below of her singing in 2009), this area has more potential to advance a bit more quickly than the robotic balance limitations.

Still, the first generation Realbotix voice is nowhere near that quality, so it will likely be another year or two before the next generation heads feature a more realistic, human-like voice.

After all, people can post whatever they want, with very little oversight.

With this concern for the type of media that we consume, it is little surprise that many Christians are finding refuge in social media sites aimed at those of the Christian faith.

This is apparent in many of the videos portraying the Realdoll customers, where the owners appear to be content with their purchases – even as the public (and their family) looks upon their behavior with disdain and in many cases, disgust.“Advances in robotics may one day produce human replicas so realistic as to be mistaken for human.

A preference for a synthetic partner could become mainstream behavior and no longer a considered deviant.”How close are we to that reality?

Much of the conversation that usually surrounds these dolls when it’s discussed in the psychological community focuses on the reduced social skills these men will have when they are no longer forced to interact with other women in the dating scene.

In 2012, psychology student Sarah Hatheway Valverde of Cal Poly State University based her Master’s Thesis around understanding the makeup of this doll-owning population.

If Real Doll founder Matt Mc Mullen has anything to say about it, some day these “dolls” may appear more like actual human companions than ever before..

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