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My aunt who lived a few minutes drive away did nothing when my Mom beat me up every day for months until my father managed to cut the red tape to remove me.

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Then, she goes on to say that she saw my Mom beat me up with a cane. Number one, the period she was complaining about was when I was still schooling and my father's and my mental health had deteriorated so badly that we had to leave the state for our own sanity.

When she said that, I asked my Aunt, you saw my Mom beat me up with a cane? Before joining my father, I had to live alone with my Mom and my baby sister for almost a year.

We also inform the community and government of our common needs and life experience. All items on this site remain the property of NNAAMI.

We may have some weekend gatherings in the country - More information. Permission is granted to duplicate and distribute any items on this site for school student purposes only provided you acknowledge the source.

After I grew older, my Mom's mental illness became impossible for me to bear. There was no support at all from anyone other than my father. My mother's own cousin even said to my father not to bring my Mom to their place. This particular aunt keeps complaining about the same thing.

That she had to take my Mom for her weekly injections and complained that my father and I was not around to do it.

We are a group of people who have experienced life with a mentally ill parent.

We established NNAAMI to provide assistance for one another, via self - help support, discussion groups and counselling.

I hate being forced to do something against my will because I have been forced to do things against my will my whole life. Even though my father and I lived in a different state from my mother, we had to travel up and down every weekend because that is demanded of my mother.

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