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I always felt loved because both my parents were always there for me and spent time with me.

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Before I get into that though, I think it is important for you to know who is giving the advice, so that you can decide for yourself on whether or not they are a legitimate expert… The pick-up industry is notorious for frauds and wannabees.

Wannabee “pick-up masters” and wannabee “players.” If you open your eyes and really take a look at who is giving the advice, you will see that the majority of “PUA experts” are nothing more than nerds and internet marketers. Let me tell you a little bit about where I am coming from as far as knowledge on dating/game is concerned.

Very few are what I would consider to be legitimate sources of knowledge on how to get chicks. If you feel that I am a credible source who bases their advice on ACTUAL LIFE EXPERIENCE, then continue reading and I hope this article helps you out.

Sonny’s Foundation and Dating Life I believe that a guy’s upbringing has a profound impact on his relations with other people, especially when it comes to women.

At one point, I even strongly considered trying to work for a company.

However, I have learned since then that it’s really not all it’s cracked up to be. Just advice coming from someone who figured this out and has had this aspect of their life handled from a very young age.

I had a decent understanding of who I was and just started to build off that foundation at a young age.

Having a lot of friends, being good at sports, and being a good looking kid was always my basis for popularity throughout middle school.

One of the most brutal sights is when I see a guy that is hopeless. He has limited (or zero) experience with women and he has no idea where to begin.

Learning how to get girls is a topic that I plan on covering extensively on my site. Because I am an expert on the subject and I genuinely want to help guys out in this area.

I was very blessed because I had an amazing upbringing.

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