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In 2011, West Coast confirmed she had signed with Polow Da Don on his record label Zone 4, though she later left the label without releasing any material.

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As part of the Fantasy Factory series, Dyrdek set the record for the largest skateboard (according to the Guinness World Records website, it is listed as the "Longest Skateboard in the World"), but, according to the "World Records Academy" website, this was broken in 2010.

During his time with DC, Dyrdek began his exploration of entrepreneurship through shoe design and this led Dyrdek to launch various short-lived companies, including a hip hop record label and a skate shop.your grieve is my agony , God the creator created Adam in the garden of Eden where he can attain full wealth , beside that he Adam was not satisfied and needed a partner .The people portrayed on these photos are innocent men and women, NOT involved in scamming in any way and have nothing to do with scammers.I believe children deserve to have the coolest, nicest, most together parents humanly possible.RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL thanks for getting back to me and i am so much happy then.sorry couldnt mail you earlier on coz i have got a problem with my yahoo corresponding to my internet line okay , so i had to register for gmail and i had it just today , anyway , i was very happy to see your mail , , after all call me rabi hamid okay , i was born in new south wales in autralia , i have only a brother who is younger Adil ,.

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