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Perhaps even more important is that the company now owns Founder Dating’s “Discuss” community, a forum for entrepreneurs to ask questions and get advice from other entrepreneurs.

Officially launched in February of 2015, Founder Dating: Discuss boasts a 95% response rate with most questions averaging three to four responses within hours of posting.

That means leveraging your network, going to meetups..and being active with it.

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“We’re popping champagne bottles right now,” he adds.

Cremades and fellow co-founder Tanya Prive certainly have a few reasons to celebrate: Onevest absorbed its top competitor and nearly tripled its user base to a total of 250,000 of founders in its network.

Its a subtle difference, but I think it makes a big difference to not trying to 'force it' You are potentially going to be business-marrying this person for the next decade of your life.

Founder Dating can be a good way to find people who are interested in starting a company, so you can be on the same page about that at least.

Entrepreneurs use the feature to ask broad questions such as, “How do founders become more investment-ready?

” and more narrow ones like, “Any recommendations for setting up a legal entity in Romania?These sites can introduce the two of you, but its on you to determine how well you will work as a team.I'm not really sure how you solve this problem, or if sites like Co Founders Lab can solve the problem.” Acquiring this highly-engaged Founder Dating community of users could prove crucial to Onevest’s future growth.This move will help Onevest complete its “entrepreneurial ecosystem” by funneling newly acquired users from the Co Founders Lab networking platform to its 1000 Angels fundraising arm.There are many sites out there, such as Founder Dating, Founders Hook Up, Co Founders Lab, etc., that attempt to help solo startup founders find a co-founder. They are one of many available channels in a co-founder search.

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