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Jeff Kinley October 17, 2011 The Huffington Post Every year Christians face a cultural dilemma, beautifully articulated by a 5-year-old boy's announcement to his parents upon returning home from school one day. " Then, pausing, he mumbled, "But He likes it a little bit, doesn't He? Some Christians even go so far as to claim Halloween is, in reality "Devil's Birthday." Really? Note to self: File under "Christian Superstitions." What that little boy was really trying to communicate was, "Mom and Dad, can I dress up like a pirate and get some candy this Friday night?

" And therein lies the conundrum of the Christ follower -- what to do with Halloween. " But the dilemma remains concerning this perennial predicament. Lob "Gospel Grenades" of condemnation at those who celebrate it?

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Traditionally, Christians and anything related to the horror genre have not mixed well. What are Christians supposed to do with the hoopla and festivities surrounding this evil holiday? Hand out religious pamphlets instead of candy to trick or treaters?

Or offer an alternative, like a Harvest Festival, Fall Carnival or even "Reformation Day Celebration"?

No sign of famine, war rationing, or bread lines in Charlottesville this week, although I am a bit concerned that the price of orange juice went up.” In other news, a parent reported that her daughter played in the sandbox today at their local playground.

Anyone who is paying attention knows about the disturbing violence in our world today.

But back to the idea of "stinky Christians." The bite of this zombie metaphor cuts even deeper now. "The Christian Zombie Killers Handbook" offers escape, survival and a win over the zombie inside.

There's a spiritual parallel in their insatiable craving for self-satisfaction. This book shows you how to slay the living dead within.They're messy, smelly and they want to consume our flesh and brains. They don't even stop chasing you when you shoot them, unless of course you shoot them in the head. And though we have accepted Christ's atoning sacrifice on our behalf (Col -14), we still struggle with many of the same temptations and sins as the rest of humanity (Rom -25).They're just pure evil and you never know when they're going to lumber up behind you and bite a bloody hunk of meat out of your trapezoid muscle. We become acutely aware of an inner beast that constantly moans and gnaws at our spirit.Unfortunately, many people's only exposure to Christianity is when the "religious right" is condemning or complaining about something -- culturally or politically. Christians are waking up and engaging culture instead of merely vilifying it.The apostle Paul was a master at observing culture and redeeming it for God's purposes -- using customs, practices -- even idols and quotes from secular poets to illustrate biblical truth.We should not have any illusions that a utopia is approaching or even achievable, but as a society we continue to struggle for what is right.

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