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They don't get slower with age, due to the reality there's a newer model out and about.

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I SHOOT REMINGTON 22 L/R MATCH AMMO..3 SHOT GROUPS COVER WITH A PENNY AT 50 YRDS CONSISTENTLY... I'm going to consider their more expensive scopes based on this experience. i have one of these on my air rifle and have shoot birds with it up to 100 yards away from small close targets to crows at a distance this scope does it all.

ONE ON MY 17 CAL SAVAGE, ONE ON MY MOSSBERG 22 BOLT ACTION AND NOW ONE FOR MY MARLIN 795SS. For the price, easy adjustment, and accurate grouping rate, I would put this on my .22.i bought a .243 single shot that came with this scope i had to replace it be cause it was not powerful enough so i put it on my marlin model 60 .22LR and i can honestly say for and inexpensive scope it is very durable and quite accurate up to about but only really good for about 100yds would suggest using this scope only only rimfire and air riflesthis is a great scope indeed it has excellant see-through quallity.

A good way of trying this is try using a registry cleaner, which a great application specially engineered to address registry related issues and errors.

Windows 10 Error Zero X 800 You can computer running slow up by deleting the unneeded files coming from a hard create.

Although it came with rings, I changed them out for a see-thru Leupold weaver mount.

That's important, because it came off of a Benneli nova pump 12 guage! Could not see the two hundred yard target well enough, but still hit it, with 2.75 in. For the price, its a great scope and even though I have added a bull barrel to the 1022, I'm not going to change this scope. I installed this scope on my Crosman 1077, and was able to pick off small game at a little more then 60 yards away.Windows 10 Error Zero X 800Windows 10 Error Zero X 800 There's a big myth in the computing world, that for you to speed your pc up, you *need* to pay 0's to get it 'upgraded'. I've resoldered the barrel and rebuilt the innards twice. Fired several hundred rounds over the last few months. Bought this as the first optic I installed on my AR-15. I was extremely impressed with how well it held zero throughout mulitple trips to the range. That way each barrel is sighted in when they get exchanged with the reciever. I mounted the S4X32WR with a B272 mount on my 50 year old Benjamin 312. Bought this to replace the toy scope that came with my Daisy Powerline 880. Cleanly separated bird from the sideview mirror of my car (which he'd claimed as his commode) at 10 yards. I like that for about $ 20 I can have a simple scope for each barrel for my NEF 'Sportster' (rimfire) and Handi-Rifle (centerfire). Quick Start Guides are available in Japanese and Chinese.

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